I’m BassPlayer & Author. Singer (sometimes).

I’m completely in love with bass since I was twelve. I started my adventure with low ends some years later and it is still leading me to roads I would never imagined…

Today my main music projects are Vugly, solo bass&voice, IN/ELEKTRA with the amazing Silvia Cignoli (inelektramusic.com), Voci di donne, acting company where I take care of music and soundscape.

I’ve been bass player and author for SHIVADIVA (Mondo Perfetto.Ed. Oyez! on iTunes) from 2007 to 2013.

I love to play and collaborate with various artists and musicians, both live and studio.

Some project I’ve worked with: MUNI, Kayamama Reggae Evolution, Orchestra Giulio Rusconi, AGE (Augusto Gentili Ensemble).

Since 2013, I love teaching music (RGT@LCM certified tutor) and being a bass product specialist, too.

I adore cats.


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